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is a coalition of gymnastic bodies in the UK
dedicated to full inclusion and use of the
3-step pathway for Recreational
Gymnastics and Trampoline coach training

Sponsors and Supporters of Gymnastics Inclusion (UK)

You can have your logo and hover description in this column from between £100 and £190 per year, dependent on the size you require.
Or you may prefer to set up an affiliation scheme with us.
Gymnastics Inclusion (UK) is supported by its sponsors and supporters and no fees are charged to its members.
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Insurance for clubs, coaches, trainers and fitness instructors

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Welcome to Gymclusion
- the working name for Gymnastics Inclusion (UK)

About Gymnastics and Trampolining
What Is Gymnastics?
What is Trampolining?

Coaching Courses


Gymnastics UK approved gymnastics and trampoline coach training coursesTrampoline coaching courses Gymnastics coaching courses

Gymnastic coach training courses
Gymnastics coaching courses

Trampoline coach training courses
Trampolining coaching courses

Rebound Therapy training courses
The genuine internationally recognised training courses.

Gymnastics and Trampolining proficiency award scheme

Development Programme

Gymnastics Inclusion (UK) approves the Winstrada international development programmes for Rebound Therapy and all levels of gymnastics and trampolining; mainstream and for people with special needs.

Winstrada badges and certificates for gymnastics and trampolining

Badge and Certificate Awards

Proficiency awards to reward progress through the Winstrada development programmes. Rebound Therapy and all levels of recreational trampolining and gymnastics are accommodated. All awards consist of a quality woven badge, an A5 certificate and a clear plastic certificate protector.
The development programme and award scheme is internationally recognised, used and approved.


If you wish to enter gymnasts into competitions, or if you wish to host your own, the following organisations will be able to provide you with all the information you need.

  • A broad range of Virtual and Live recreational competitions are organised by: Authority Sports UK

  • Special Needs Trampoline and 'Celebration of Participation' trampoline events. Full information and framework for clubs and schools that would like to run or host special needs trampoline competitions is available from

  • National competition gymnastics. For those of you who wish to train students to compete in the British Gymnastics national competition framework, please contact British Gymnastics

  • Facebook group for competitions

    More competition organisers will be added.

Gymnastics UK membership

Become a member of Gymnastic Inclusion (UK)

For coaches, trainers, clubs and organisations that provide gymnastics classes, trampolining classes and Rebound Therapy sessions, and pledge to abide by the standards and values of codes of practice, ethics and welfare.
Gymnastics Inclusion (UK) membership is completely free of charge.

Gymnastics UK GymQuest accreditation scheme

GymQuest - Quality Assured providers scheme

Gymnastics Inclusion (UK)'s nationally approved quality assurance accreditation for clubs, centres and organisations that provide gymnastic and trampolining classes and Rebound Therapy sessions. Recommended by Gymnastic Britannia and Authority Sports UK


Club and member insurance for recreational and competitive gymnastic, trampolining, cheerleading and Rebound Therapy clubs and venues.

Also freelance and self employed Rebound Therapy, personal trainer and fitness instructors insurance.


afPE logo
The Association for Physical Education (AfPE) is the only physical education subject association in the UK.

Gymnastics Inclusion (UK) recommends adherence to AfPE policies and guidelines.

afPE is committed to being the representative organisation of choice for people and organisations delivering or supporting the delivery of physical education in schools and in the wider community.

Whether you're a trainee/student or working in a Primary or Secondary school, a University or school-based training institution, a Local Authority or as a freelance consultant, the Association for Physical Education offers a range of membership services which will make your professional life easier and more effective. 

10 Reasons for afPE membership: 
·         Save Time - Keep up-to-date with key issues, resources and ideas
·         Save Money - Discounts on a range of lifestyle and work related opportunities, publications/resources and professional learning
·         Get the expert help, support and advice you need, when you need it!
·         Be part of YOUR subject community
·         Increase awareness of the subject, its direction and the opportunities available to you
·         Access to high quality termly professional member journals
·         Influence government and have your voice heard through afPE lobbying
·         Networking - Meet like minded professionals to share and develop ideas
·         Take responsibility for your own professional development
·         Shape afPE's future by getting involved in Advisory Roles, Committees and Home Countries/English Regions to determine the future of  Physical Education. 

Whatever your reason for joining, the membership options provide a comprehensive range of benefits and high quality publications designed to meet the needs of everyone involved in Physical Education and Sport.  

Click HERE for more information.

National Association of Sports Coaches

National Association of Sports Coaches (NASC) membership

Members of the NASC are part of an association of sports coaches who have received quality assured training and certification by an accredited training course provider.