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is a coalition of gymnastic bodies in the UK
dedicated to full inclusion and use of the
3-step pathway for Recreational
Gymnastics and Trampoline coach training

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Gymnastics Inclusion (UK) is supported by its sponsors and supporters and no fees are charged to its members.
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Become a member of Gymnastics Inclusion (UK)

All providers of sporting activities have a duty of care to all their members and customers.

It is important that they adhere to a code of practice, conduct, ethics and welfare.

These can be broadly categorised under the following headings:

  • Coaches' Responsibilities statement
  • Participants' Responsibilities statement
  • Parents' And Carers' Responsibilities statement
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Emergency And First-Aid Procedures
  • Equity Policy Statement
  • Constitution
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safety Policy
  • Adherence to guidelines regarding use of equipment and class sizes
    (we recommend that you follow the Association for Physical Education (AfPE) guidelines. See

Coaches who are employed should have a knowledge of his or her employer's policies and statements.
Clubs, leisure centres and other providers of gymnastic and trampolining classes and sessions are strongly recommended to have written policies and statements covering all the above, displayed prominently at their premises.

Individual membership of Gymnastics Inclusion (UK) is available free of charge to every gymnastics coach, trampoline coach and Rebound Therapy trainer who follows these guidelines.

Club, School or Centre membership of Gymnastics Inclusion (UK) is available free of charge to every gymnastics, trampolining and Rebound Therapy provider who follows these guidelines.

To apply for Individual Membership of Gymnastics Inclusion (UK)
, (available to qualified coaches and trainers) click on the following link:

To apply for Club, School or Centre Membership of Gymnastics (Inclusion) UK , click on the following link:

The very best way to ensure that all your policies and statements are in place and approved, is to apply for the 'GymQuest' quality assurance mark.
Please click here for more information.