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Gymnastics Inclusion approved Coach Training Courses

Trampoline coaching courses -
How do I train to become a trampolining coach?

For those of you want to coach recreational or provide therapeutic trampolining, see below:

Gymnastics Inclusion supports the widely held view that:
"The principles of Rebound Therapy form the basis of all trampoline gymnastic movement and are therefore the logical and advisable starting point for trampoline coach training – even for those who have no intention of teaching people with disabilities."

The recommended pathway for recreational and therapeutic trampoline coach training for coach candidates dedicated to the concept of full inclusion is:

  • Step 1) The Level 2 Rebound Therapy training course. This course covers all the basics of trampoline gymnastic movement as covered in grades 1 to 3 of the Winstrada trampoline development programme. This training course will prepare candidates for teaching children and adults with a wide range of disabilities. It is an internationally recognised training course and is also suitable for teaching mainstream pre-school children. The course is run by

  • Step 2) Rebound Plus ('Into-Mainstream') add-on module to the above. This course covers the moves in grades 4 to 8 of the Winstrada development programme. It goes beyond special needs trampolining and is suitable for teaching 'more able' people and mainstream beginners. Course run by

  • Step 3) Beyond Rebound Recreational Trampoline coaching course. A more advanced course for those who have completed the Rebound Therapy course and the 'Rebound Plus' add-on module and want to progress to teach more advanced recreational trampolining. The course covers the moves in grades 9 and 10 of the Winstrada development and proficiency award programme.

    For information on training course providers in your country, please visit



Gymnastics coaching courses -
How do I train to become a gymnastics coach?

The following information refers to the UK only. For other countries, please contact your country's gymnastics governing body.

The following pathway of recreational and therapeutic gymnastic coach training courses are available through Jump Space in the North of England and Springfit Academy in the South.

  • Step 1) Foundation gymnastics. This covers grades 1 to 5 of the Winstrada gymnastics development and proficiency award scheme. This course will equip candidates to teach those skills and exercises to pre-school, beginners and people with special needs in any suitable environment.
    The course is suitable for Teachers, Teaching assistants, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Nurses, Parents, Carers and Health workers. There are no prerequisites.
    The course will include work on floor around balance, movement, jumping, rolling and using small equipment.
  • Step 2) General gymnastics. This covers grades 6 to 10 of the Winstrada development programme. This course will equip candidates to teach those skills and exercises to children and adults in any suitable environment.

All the above courses are offered 'in-house' (where the tutor comes to your club, school or centre) and as 'open' courses which anyone can attend. Courses are scheduled in accordance with demand.
For more information or to discuss 'in house' gymnastics coaching courses, please contact Jump Space on or Springfit Academy on


Recreational gymnastic coaching courses are also provided by UK Gymnastics.

NGB Competition gymnastics. For those of you who want to train students to compete in NGB national competitions, please contact British Gymnastics.